Property Management



This is the most important factor when taking up a job as a property manager in California. Understanding and developing relationships with your tenants is the the best task a property manager can do. We are always told to keep business and personal relationships separate, but in this case it is always important to develop a close relationship with your tenants.

Who are they?

Well, primarily mobile home owners are retirees, vacationers, bachelors, or low income families. Due to the high prices in real estate more and more people are looking at mobile homes are a great place to live. We are now starting to see people of all ages, demographics, and income levels moving to mobile home parks. There are extremely nice mobile home parks to lower income parks with not as many amenities.

How to Connect

Engage in community events, create community events, and actively strive to connect with your community. If you are a mobile home property manager then this should be one of your top priorities. In this business, it’s all about connecting to your community. This will ensure the best results for your park and create an overall happy place to live.

Property Management Information

If you have an interest in becoming a property manager in California then check out this blog which will give you plenty of details:

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