The Best and Worst Mobile Home Communities

In this day and age, every industry has a rank, so it’s obvious mobile home communities have them as well. While there are some great ones out there, not every place can be amazing so there are definitely some not so great ones. So let us highlight some good and bad and show you all an idea of the industry and its members.

Vista Del Monte

This is a very high ranked mobile home community that has taken root in California. The most we hear about this place is the amazing customer service that has been displayed consistently. Their service has been said to be very timely and the people being very genuine. They respond to all questions fast and with a great deal of knowledge on multiple subjects. It is located in a quiet area with features for both families and for single occupants.

Carson Harbor Village Mobile Home Park

This mobile home park may not be as ranked as high as the previous location, but it is still appreciated by many! While there are some complaints this is still regarded as a  solid place to live. They are known for their service with how kind and easy it is to communicate with their workers and managers. The biggest accolade they received is they are responsive to their criticism! They have a lot of negative reviews about updating the property and getting things fixed and you see the reviews are answered and people making updates to their reviews. This community cares about its people and tries hard to continue to bring quality service.

Covina Hills

This a mobile home community that is staying between 2 and 3 stars. This community is located in a nice area with a lot of different and diverse groups of families and solo occupants. But this community has a bad string of comments detailing the communication aspect of the management. It has been said that there has been zero communication at times when contacting managers. There have been others saying that they communicate with management, but a problem or issue remains to stay unresolved. This community has its share of positivity but the communication seems like an issue and what holds the community at the rating threshold it is in.

These communities mention are a good estimate of what it is like in the mobile homeworld. There are some downright awful communities and there are stellar communities, but those remain far and few between. So instead of showing those outliers, we would like to give you communities that are realistic options in your life.

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