Is Living In A Mobile Home A Good Idea

When people are trying to pick where they want to live they always try to get the best deal possible. Find the best bargain on the biggest most bang for your buck house, but if you’re trying to find the best deal why does it have to be a house. Today we’re going to drive into why a mobile home might or might not be a smart choice. We’ll give you the facts and let you decide.

Right now housing is doing great! Neighborhoods are being built, homes are being bought by all different social classes and being sold at good rates. This is well and good and all but how long can it last? Can you trust that it will be like this forever? You can’t. You can always trust in other housing sources like apartments and townhomes but there goes your privacy. Then there are mobile homes, they have always stayed consistent in their prices since it does not count as a housing property. Renting a home may be a cheaper choice but you are essentially throwing money down a hole every month instead of owning the property and potentially having the asset appreciate. Then if you do choose the route of buying a home or an apartment as an asset you need to stay in tune with that market or you can be losing a lot of money in the long run. Then there are mobile homes where you do give up luxury and that type of community, but you gain the peace of mind of not worrying about losing money on an asset and you would have the flexibility of living in a mobile home.

When it comes to having a new property they usually always take some time. The average time it takes for a home to finish construction is around 7 months.  Most people who are buying a new home that is built ground-up knows this already and have accepted this fact. These builds usually come with some add on as you go and there is a chance complications can happen so there is a lot to it so if you’re looking for a fast new home this may not be for you. When you look towards a mobile home as an option the build time for a brand new one is significantly lower. Again, you do take a hit on quality in some aspects but you can get a brand new home in as little as 3 days.

Now for the eco-friendly home buyers out there, mobile homes are actually progressing faster than most homes. Your average mobile home now is being built with environmentally friendly options when it comes to all pieces of the house. They are now being built with better technology that is said to extend the life of modern mobile homes year after year. On the other hand, houses are starting to do the same especially with a lot of homes starting to push more towards being more reusable energy accessible and starting to use even more advanced parts. 

There are pros and cons to every end when it comes to housing situations. Technology is moving so fast that every year living spaces are being built to be stronger, more energy-efficient, and being built at record speed. So when it comes to the question of is a mobile home a smart choice, I would say yes. That doesn’t mean it is the best choice by any stretch, but that question is all dependent on the buyer and their situation. Buying a mobile home is right for some and not for others just like buying a home, but mobile homes being a smart choice shouldn’t be in question anymore.       

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