How To Get Rid of Mobile Home Odor

Mobile homes don’t get created and pushed out the factory smelling bad. It’s very rare that your home, especially at Blue Carpet Mobile Homes, will smell awful. They come with a fresh smell that all new things come with, so that means the culprit is always the inhabitants. The way they live and decide to take care of the inside of the property is a big key. It can make any mobile home feel so uncomfortable and make you not want to be there. So today we are going to go over some common problems that cause bad smells and good ways to get them out for good.

Trash Cans

People really do underestimate the power a trash can has on the living environment. They are the ones that house all the garbage and things no one wants. This can be from old expired food, half-eaten food, cleaning byproducts, wiped up spills and more. You throw all those things in one area and wait about a week to take it out. This gives the smells time to combine and become even more powerful which is never fun for anyone who lives in the home. Not to mention people tend to forget about the garbage disposal which is basically another trash can. For these sources of waste disposal, you need to always be ready to take it out every couple of days so you don’t give the smells time to take root in your furniture and carpet. Then be sure to clean the inside of the trash can every once in a while because spills can get in there as well! Then to cap it off spray some disinfectant in the trash can itself to insure the odor gets eliminated. This process can be copied for your disposal. Make sure all the food left in the system is run through the pipes and out of the kitchen. Then really scrub around the sink and the drain entrance to get up all the left-behind mess. When you’re done be sure to toss a few lemon and orange peels down the disposal and run it to get that smell eliminated and radiating throughout the whole mobile home. Mobile Home Property Managers really appreciate and encourage their tenants to regularly take out and clean their trash cans for this reason. 


Have you ever walked into a bathroom and smelled a musty type of odor? Something that seemed like it was coming from your towels since the closer you got to them the worse it got? Then you may need to think about how you clean your bathroom every week. This smell comes from repeated use of towels that haven’t been washed frequently enough and don’t have much air flow getting to them. They trap the water and dirt from your hands and body when you dry your skin and cause the smell to come about. When that happens the longer you leave the smell the more it builds. That is also not the only smell that can build when in the bathroom as we all know. So be sure to clean your toilet tub and sink thoroughly at least once a week. Then change your towels as frequently as you clean your bathroom to ensure that freshness stays after the scrubbing. 

Pro Tip: Before folding up your towels after the dryer is finished check them for 100% dryness. People think that since it went through one cycle the towels are totally dry but it is not always the case. If not totally dry that smell can begin to form while the towels are waiting for use in the closet.

We only got to hit on two topics this time around but know that mobile homes have many sources of bad smells. These were the two most popular so starting here will be a good jumping-off point to you acquiring a fresh-smelling mobile home. If you’re interested in finding a trailer park for rent then click the link and reach out to one of the Sierra Corporate Management employees. 

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