Best Amenities in a Mobile Home Community

Before moving to a mobile home community like Tustin village mobile home park looking at the amenities will always be on the list. The amenities in a lot of communities are often the biggest deciding factors for prospective tenants. So as a community owner or someone apart of a mobile home park owners association amenities needs to be taken seriously. So that’s why you start hearing about some crazy amenities some locations have to draw people onto the premises and today we are going to tell you about them. 

The Basics

So on the lower tier of the spectrum, you will see communities with gated entrances and pet friendly environments. These are becoming more and more common because of the demand that people want to have animals or want that extra sense of security. Back in the ’90s and 2000’s a gated community and pet friendly areas were hard to find. Now if you do not have them you are way behind the curve and need to look into updating.


Yes, there have been pools in mobile home parks for a long time. But when we mean pools, we mean real pools. No above ground creations but the inground 10 ft pool with a diving board. Some communities are even known to have vast landscapes around their pools making them a unique area you don’t even see in hotels. Some are even known to have waterfalls and palm trees. Your standard pool is becoming more standard themselves in these communities but if you pick the right community your pool can be extravagant. 

Landscapes and Community Centers

Communities try their best to look clean and presentable at all times. Then there are the communities who go above and beyond to have a gorgeous landscape. A lot of times those communities double down and have community centers that will blow your mind. You will have gorgeous trees draped in colorful leaves and flowers leading you to a community center with a brand new PlayStation just released with all the games. Then you will see gorgeous well lit drive up littered with plants and landscape leading you into a community center filled with 60” TVs and free popcorn. The combinations vary everywhere, but these communities are really stepping up. 

Celebrities and Waterfront Views

Now, this is really a rare amenity. There are a handful of mobile home communities where you can be a few steps from the ocean with a movie star right next to you. Mobile home communities will capitalize on the people that live in them and to a lot of people that is an amazing amenity. Then if you have the chance to live next to the ocean that is a whole prize in itself.

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