How to Be A Good Mobile Home Neighbor

Moving into a new neighborhood can be a hard thing for people. You don’t know anyone, you don’t know how sociable everyone is, are their kids around, is it noisy? The list goes on and on and it brings up a lot of anxiety and stress to many. But the best way to overcome all that is when you get to the neighborhood be sure to be a good neighbor. If you don’t know how to do that let us help you figure it out.

Mind the Noise

No one likes loud neighbors. When it’s 7 pm on a Tuesday and you’re trying to wind down, no one wants to hear a ridiculous amount of noise, you will be instantly hated. To avoid that be aware of when you can be loud. If it is during the week, realize most people like it quiet when the sun is down. But if it’s a Friday it will be okay to be a bit loud after dark. Don’t cut your lawn at 6 am when everyone is usually still asleep or clean the hedges when the sun is rising. If you follow the social contract of being in the neighborhood you will be accepted by everyone.

Meet Your Neighbors

If you make yourself known to the community being apart of it will become a lot easier. You will also get a chance to learn what the ins and outs are. You’ll be able to figure out if the area is noisy if there are kids around, do people like to hold events, and everything that makes this neighborhood what it is. While you go around and do that make sure you are kind and are willing to help out your other neighbors. Don’t be afraid to ask to borrow things over let others borrow items, but also be sure to give everyone their space. By making yourself known you will feel more ingrained into the community while also gaining people who will watch your back and your belongings.

Take Care of Your Home

When moving into a neighborhood you are becoming a part of their image and you represent everyone who inhabits the area. So if your home looks trashed and not kept up with the area will suffer. You want more cool people to join the area and in order to do that keeping a uniformly clean neighborhood is necessary. Also, no one wants to see an uncut lawn or dirty front porch in their neighborhood so be sure not to be that person. 

So whether you are living at a cheap mobile home lot or by the wealthiest mobile homes in San Diego you have to be mindful. So be clean, meet your neighbors and always be willing to help and your neighbors will never want you to move. 

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