A New Opportunity

Mobile Home Parks

Living, investing, or managing a mobile home park is a great opportunity to meet more people, develop your craft, and drive moral to your park. Although there isn’t a large “boom” in the mobile home market at the moment, there are tons of opportunities for you to cease. With the real estate market expanding it is hard for people to find affordable housing situations. This is where mobile home parks step in and help alleviate these issues. Check out this different situations to see if one fits for you.


Living in a mobile home park is a great way to socialize, live in a safe and friendly environment, and get access to tons of great amenities if you’re in the right park. Mobile homes tend to have a bad reputation, which is entirely false from our perspective. Living in a properly managed mobile home community can bring tons of joy. There are fun ways to socialize, safe environments for pets and children, and community centers to enjoy. Most new mobile homes are in great condition and it’s even hard to tell the difference between a newly built mobile home and a traditional residence.


Interested in investing into a mobile home? Well, if you’re an experienced investor or looking at deploying capital into real estate then mobile home parks have great benefits. As long as your park in managed properly and kept to a certain standard you can find a lot of success in the mobile home park business. Check out this investors blog which covers a range of topics on investing into mobile homes: https://www.sierramobilehomeparks.com/blog

Property Management

Good Property Management at mobile home parks is a must have. This seems to be a common complaint in the mobile home community. If you’re an aspiring property manager in California then a mobile home park might be a great place to start (or to finish) your career. It’s much different than traditional real estate ventures in the sense that you are working where your tenants live. The on site property managers do a majority of the work by keeping the park up to standards and well maintained. If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, then we recommend finding your local mobile home community parks and calling into the office to hear more about their available career opportunities.

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